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Communism is usually known as some sickle-hammer thing.

Iron fist

The Iron Fist of Communism

Communism is a stance of valor of which I'm the boss and you aren't. Despotism is like this, except harsher. Communism has forever been the method of making mass quantities of Spam and other indecencies. In this government, I'm the boss and you aren't. If you say otherwise, then it's not good. Communism is for SegregationalistsYour Dad, and people that hate Obama.


This goverment took it's start from when Hormel factory workers went on strike in 1967 in Ohio. Ever since then, it was favored to be the prime form of making others pay for what you didn't pay for. In 1997, Segregation became a big part of avoiding others that didn't pay what they should've paid for, and then they would forever be known as Segregationalists. The Segregtionalists broke off into an "Occupy" stage in 2011.


Communism is now non-existent except in little Segregationalist enclaves in the Dakotas, Cuba, and in most Asian countries. Now, there has been a lasting impact since those Hormel workers went on strike that one fateful day, and Spam forever would become the epitome of badness.