Evil Mario Bros

These two were arrested for being Segregationalists.

Segregationalists are people that try to avoid other people in an avoiding manner. They have a dwindling following ever since their breakup in 2011. (See Communism). Their largest group is the Dakotans Against Democracy breakoff subject. Not much is known about them, except that they have a thing for Spam and a knack for Communism. All Rednecks are Segregationalists.


The first ever Segregationalists were the Estonians in 1886. They decided to market hot cocoa to the masses. Too bad the Swiss and their Miss beat them to it. Now they hate the Swiss. Therefore, their leader, Vons Bilguronsted, said something random in Estonian and then lost his fanbase, political party and country. He moved to Belarus two days later and made a cult of people. This cult, loosely translated from Belarusian/Estonian, is called "The Segregationalist Kitties." We still doubt the reputation of the translators. Nowadays, those countries have nothing to do with Segregationalism. We do, though. So hah.