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People often use this image to spam.

Spam is a delicious processed luncheon meat product that your mom cooks with everything. Spam is also a legitimate form of advertising and a multi-million dollar industry that everyone loves to hate. Spam had its origin when authors like Alexandre Dumas were paid by the word to publish novels so they would be of superior quality. Most spammers make an honest living out of reposting the same quality content over and over again, ad infinitum, you know, until people really get the picture. Some, however, spam with malicious intent on forums and message boards. Those people are losers.

Spam is also the main item in the Segregationalist's arsenal, and is commonly used in place of tear gas when they try to break up diverse groups of people.

Despite the current popularity of spam, Rednecks honestly have no clue what it is. If they hear someone talking about spam in their inbox, they think they received a can of luncheon meat in their mail.