Evil Mario Bros

The Mario Brothers or Mario and Luigi are the leaders of the Notorious Italians, an evil clan of bandits who plan on overthrowing the Biased Hypocritcal Segregation Wiki and a few countries that pale in comparison.

Background Edit

Mario is married to the vile Princess Peach, who has even worse plans: Destroying bacon. Luigi is married to the other vile princess, Princess Daisy, who will not make sandwiches when demanded to do so.

The only force capable of opposing Mario and Co. is Bowser, the almight and just King of the Koopas, a strange race of army turtles. The Rednecks have helped Bowser before, creating mega canons powered by beer that shoot enormous bullets with angry faces on them. They also designed Bowser's airships, which are once again: Powered by beer.


Mario and Luigi are incredibly good speakers, and they can convince almost anyone to support them. Many videogames have been made in their honor, and they have been used to brainwash children for years.