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The United Soviet Socialist Dictatorship of FishWiki (AKA The USSDFW, FishWiki or The All Things Fishfam Wiki) is a dictatorship started by the resident troll known as Fishfam4, who resides there as the insidious ruler and Supreme Dictator.

Their page about us.

Little is known about the USSDFW besides it being the epitome of all things bad on the internet. This is partially because we don't dare feast our eyes on the unglorified solid waste dump that is FishWiki. Its main purpose is to outdo this glorious source of biased content through malicious means, even though a mere human cannot achieve such a goal. (Although Their Dictator is no mere human) The USSDFW tends to outright steal our content and act as if they know nothing about this blatant plagiarism. We are watching you, USSDFW, we are. Though the USSDFW was just started recently, they already have more information and activity than us, because they believe they are better than us. Your leader doesn't think they're better, though, as quality is always better than quantity. Just ask the creator of Sliced Bread and the creator of the TARDIS.

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